Solet Technics

Solet Technics

Delivering Turn-key PV Energy Projects


Solet Technics unites passionate, qualified and experienced employees with high skills in project management, electrical engineering and construction. Such team diversity ensures the smooth turn key PV energy project implementation process from consulting and assessment, design and construction to monitoring and maintenance.

Delivering turn key PV energy projects in home market, Solet Technics helps:

  • people fulfill a desire to become responsible, environment friendly, energetically independent, innovative users, who care about saving the planet for future generations.
  • industries to reduce electrical energy costs and environment pollution level, increase the symbolic value of production, maintain a sustainable and environment friendly business image.
  • real estate developers to achieve higher energy efficiency with lower cost, create exceptional exterior solutions, increase real estate market value and endow competitive advantage.
  • non profit and state organizations to gain significant reduction of utility expenses and save funds for principal activities.

The edge competitive advantage of Solet Technics is long term experience with wide rage of PV plant implementations from the very beginning to the very end:

  • different size: from micro of 2kW up to 1MW parks
  • different type: autonomous, hybrid, grid-tied
  • different purpose: commercial, self-consumption, autonomous
  • different location: ground, sloped roof, flat roof, façade, mobile
  • different customers: individual, institutional, manufacturing, construction

We are the member of

National Association of the Passive House
National Association of the Passive House
Photovoltaic Technology and Business Association
Photovoltaic Technology and Business Association