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The Group closely cooperates with Protechlab – a laboratory, focusing on solar energy research and development, as well as testing, required to ensure successful application of PV technology and verification of PV module manufacturing processes. The laboratory manages testing, characterization and certification of photovoltaic modules, as well as characterization of solar cells and Photovoltaic-Power Plant Quality assurance and testing of lamination processes.

The laboratory is currently working on a solar energy technology development project with the independent IEC-accredited testing laboratory Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI).

Characterization and testing of solar cells, PV modules and PV power plant quality assurance done by Protechlab in order to ensure the current PV technology would be of the highest quality.

All the staged and repeated testing for highest quality control ensure that the Solet PV technology meets all common EU standards and provides long-life solar modules and other technological solutions to the market.