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Solet Technics


Solet Technics unites a team of reliable, highly qualified and experienced project managers, electrical engineers, electrical fitters, designers and maintenance specialists who oversee the smooth turnkey solar energy project implementation and take responsibility for all of its aspects and stages.

Over its history – dealing with various client expectations and elaborate legal system frameworks, cooperating with international distributors and manufacturers, as well as thoroughly implementing PV technology installations – the company has accumulated extensive professional experience in solar power plant installation and construction of:

  • Ground solar power plants
  • Sloped and flat roof (tile, metal, wood chips, slate or bitumen coating) solar power plant installations
  • Building integrated solar power installations
  • Micro power plants for transport units, street and rail-crossing lightning, water heating

With its professionalism and experience, Solet Technics offers reliable services with maximum revenue and minimal risks at every stages of any solar power plant project implementation:


  • Guidance on financing solar energy systems
  • Identifying the most suitable location for a solar plant
  • Handling permission, licensing, insurance and other documentation


  • Modelling of PV systems
  • Evaluating estimated benefits (eg. electrical output) and possible risks of solar energy systems
  • Assessing system financial viability


  • Projections of system capability to store energy
  • Estimate of total PV energy supply to the State electrical grid
  • Developing technical and design specifications of PV modules according to individual requirements


  • Solar module and mounting hardware supply
  • Construction of solar power plants


  • Overview of State energy inspectorate audits
  • Regular post-installation maintenance, warranty and repair


  • Daily monitoring of plant performance
  • Problem identification and optimization proposals
  • Producing regular monitoring reports