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The Solet Group


The Solet Group is an EU-based set of companies encompassing a wide range of contemporary solar energy competences. The Group offers reliable and technologically integrated photovoltaic (PV) technology, as well as a vast range of relevant solar energy solutions – products and services – from a single experienced and professional source.

The Solet Group provides services that range from solar panel manufacturing to engineering design and installation of solar power plants. It offers thorough consulting and maintenance in solar energy project development, as well as professional estimation of returns on investment, testing and scientific development.

The Solet Group unites the following specialized companies, which productively cooperate to bring their clients excellent results in quality, pricing and expertise:

  • Precizika – scientific company of solar module manufacturing and precision engineering
  • Solet – PV project management and consulting company
  • Solet Technics – turnkey solar energy project delivery firm
  • Precizika-MET SC – silicon based solar cell development and research laboratory

The Group actively cooperates and exchanges valuable experience with partners and clients from more than 20 European and Asian countries. The Solet Group has implemented more than 100 solar power plant installations, sold more than 85 MW of PV modules and established close business and partnership ties with research centers all over Europe.

Solet Group is rapidly developing and growing – expanding its geography, taking up new challenges, and implementing more ambitious projects – in order to provide the best possible solar energy solutions for a reasonable price.