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100% EU origin modules
European manufacturer of mono and poly crystalline photovoltaic modules
Highest quality and reliability
Production line and technological support from Meyer Burger group
Along with standard modules we produce unframed, glass - glass modules that can be in different colors and size parameters.
Professional team
Different compexities and volumes solar projects management; turnkey solar projects implementation.
Scientific background
In-house silicon based solar cell development and research laboratory; PV module testing laboratory
The next big project in Belarus with modules Solet Photovoltaics! Total power of planned solar plant – 1,2 MWp. 4500 units of modules moved this November 2016 to the Grodno district. The company from Shchuchyn made the choice – modules Solet Photovoltaics are the best quality and efficiency!
We are glad, that our modules have success also on Polish territory. In 2015 built installation on the roof with a capacity of 300 kWp of Lithuanian modules Solet Photovoltaics (town Słonawy). Total, in 2015 from Vilnius to Poland we sent over 3 MWp of modules Solet Photovoltaics.
In 2015 "Solet" has supplied equipment for the installation of solar power plant in Grodno (Belarus). Today, photovoltaic power of 1 MWp, built with Lithuanian modules Solet Photovoltaics works gradually and without any technical defects. Already in April 2016 the power of solar plant rose to 960 kWp. Beautiful results!